Three Works by Christopher Perkins


where words get (re)fabricated
in an age dream
Annie Oakley gets the wolves running
and only if you believe in p. property
can the scars of wealth develop
into choice and wish lists
want and practicality
image and p. culture
fabricate a national god
a cult god who relocates
to an achievement based land
free from free to govern
a compound guide solicits
cost of choice wholesale maybe
relocating here to electric
wish lists and a new etymology
a kind of genealogy in other
respondents a dream means

* * *
in bed I talk when I should be dreaming

blood links
to response
you did it
the past tourists don’t see that
that words are no good if nobody’s here
that we criminalize ourselves
that geology enters through the city
it catches us
(econ = enemy)
twangy coins

* * *
a scholar/poet whose sex is geo-grammar

what kind of land
do we live in?
common place.
goodpoet discards.
I can prove nostalgia
is a virus.
I can!
immune to oblivion:
in dialogue the goods
could not reconcile
the rough with the ice
to make rough ice. (Oops.)
the paradigm
wants an exception: one right, one wrong.
what now goodscholar?
it is not closer
in a place like this:
deeds, the only reliable talk.
I want to role play
my binary play on character:
a diversity holiday, an executive holiday from diversity.
ascending: a kind of nostalgia, its partition.